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Lost In Space is an Old School Survival Horror.
You work in the orbitant space city of TB255, but one night everything seems to go wrong.
Undeads start storming the city, destroying eveything.

You are maybe one of the last survivors, try to escape the city with the help of a misterious man that wastches you using the cameras of the space city.


Position Member
Game designers Comparoni Nicholas
Ristuccia Ivano
Concept artists Mechini Tommaso
Programmers Corsi Riccardo
Andrea Agostini
3D artists Penco Matteo
Music Giovanni Palmitesta

Special Thanks to

Nicola Gagliardi for the support

Assets used:

Sinty Polygon Scifi

Sinty  PolygonZombies




Behavior Designer


Lost In Space V1.01.15 74 MB

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